Collecting real-time data from animals and environment.
Processing data with smart algorithms.
We do all this so that farmers can make the right decisions
and for a sustainable future.


This Is Social Network Of The Farm Animals.​

Cowealthy combines a wealth of expertise and evidence with the knowledge of specialist vets, engineers and data analysts to bring together real-time data across both environmental and health parameters to help facilitate improvements in milk cow performance, economics and welfare. The wireless IOT system feeds accurate, real-time data into a tailor-made analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence to produce insights assisting in better informed on-farm and supply chain decision making.

How Does the COWEALTHY’s Solution Work?

Real-time data is collected reliably through proven IoT hardware

The gateway collates real-time data and shares this information via the cloud application

Cowealthy Software Data is displayed visually in the Cowealthy software with artificial intelligence designed to help provide insights and learnings from the data

Vets interpret the data and managers take right decisions.

We Provide A Stress Free Turnkey Solutions

Recommendations based on data driven evidence

Affordable wireless hardware and technology

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